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Clamping Kit
CLAMP SMITH INDIA is famous for supplying high-quality and branded Clamping Kits that are significantly used in the metal working, construction, and other industries. These kits are designed from stronger metals.
Clamping Stud
Our company is providing Clamping Studs that are used to align the clamps while securing them from falls or distortions. These studs are compact in size and easy to use.
Leveling Jack
When heavy materials are installed at an elevated height, the workers often need our Leveling Jacks to level them. These jacks are fabricated from high-end materials to work as smoothly as possible.
Metal Clamp
The provided Metal Clamps are designed in distinctive weights, sizes, and shapes. These clamps are generally used in the metal working and welding operators to hold the work sample until the work is done.
Metal Nut
CLAMP SMITH INDIA is recognized for delivering Metal Nuts that are available in distinctive sizes, diameters, shapes, and weights. These are used to fasten the screws for a strong product installation.
Vertical Action Clamp
The provided Toggle Clamps can be easily installed on hard surfaces using screws. It gives more stability to the clamps for holding work samples to process them. These clamps are effectively resistant to oils, chemicals, and water.
Metal Washer
Our company is delivering Metal Washers that are available in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. These washers can effortlessly fit most fastening equipment and tools. Our washers are tested for unmatched temperature, weight, and pressure resistance.
Adjustable Support Plate
Stainless steel made Industrial Adjustable Support Plates are used for providing required support to toggle clamp and vertical clamp. Overall plate size and clamp rest diameter of these plates vary as per different design of clamps.
Step Blocks
Stainless steel made Step Blocks can be availed with height adjustment feature. Sold under the brand name of Clampsmith, these blocks have minimum 94 mm and maximum 230 mm height adjustment capacity.
T Bolt
Steel fabricated Black Finish T Bolts have wide applications in automobile, mechanical, construction and also in other industrial arena. These 80 mm long bolts are used as integral parts of fixtures, clamping jobs and press tools.