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Vertical Action Clamp

Our company, CLAMP SMITH INDIA, is providing the industries with Vertical Action Clamps that are often used to stabilize and hold the work samples. These clamps can be used for plastic, rubber, metal, and wooden materials to bond, shape, cut, and trim them. The provided clamps are supplied to the customers in distinctive models to suit their special needs. Furthermore, Vertical Action Clamps provided by our company has become famous for their performance, longevity, structure, resistance, and durability. In this manner, these clamps leave our premises in bulk to meet the demands of our clients. These clamps are alternatively marketed at discounted prices.

Flat Base Vertical Action Clamp

Stainless steel made Flat Base Vertical Action Clamp is available with adjustable arm to achieve different clamping points. Approximate weight of this clamp is 200 gram and this clamp can hold around 600 kg load. Handle of offered Flat Base Vertical Action Clamp can be opened by maintaining 70 degree angular direction. PP made part of this clamp is breakage proof and is highly durable. Metal part of this steel clamp can resist corrosion and wear. Compact shape, ergonomic look, long lasting quality and excellent holding capacity are some of the remarkable features of this clamp.

Fixed Spindle Vertical Action Clamp

Flat Base Solid Arm Vertical Action Clamp

Straight Base Solid Arm Vertical Action Toggle Clamp

Front Mounting Base Vertical Action Clamp

Front Mounting Base Vertical Action Clamp provided by CLAMP SMITH INDIA is designed in a vertical structure, making it easier to clamp or fasten the work samples without using multiple clamps. It has a smaller male threaded presser that keeps the work samples pressed and stable until they are set to release. The delivered Front Mounting Base Vertical Action Clamp is outlined with A-grade metals that make it highly demanded in the construction, wood working, metal working, and other applications.